Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bridge!

It feels like its been a week since I wrote the last update.... apparently that was only yesterday...?  Anyways, yesterday evening I met a girl in the hostel who's also traveling alone. Her name is Jenn and she's from Germany. She invited me out with some of her friends to meet at the Opera Bar. As you may have guessed, its right outside the opera house. It was SO beautiful to be there at night with the bridge all lit up. I took some great pictures with my new camera. If the internet was better, I'd add them. Maybe when I get to Christchurch I'll catch up with the pictures. (I'm headed there tomorrow) It was a really nice evening and I met some very nice people! We came back pretty early which was nice because I was VERY tired. This morning I got up and met Jenn to go walk over the Sydney Harbor Bridge!! We didn't go to the top, we just walked across and then went up the tower. It was 6.50 vs. 200 dollars and I think just as good. Again, some awesome pictures will come soon! I'm so glad I met Jenn. Not only is she super nice and friendly, but she has done her homework about the city and knows just where to go all the time! The rest of the day we wandered around talking and checking out some great spots! One GREAT part of the day would have to be when she introduced me to Tim Tams.... oh. my. goodness. It's the Aussie equivalent of the elmer fudge cookie but 100 billion times better. I thought about buying some to bring home in 5 months... hahaha but I knew the truth was that I wanted to eat them all. Maybe they'll have them in New Zealand!! Anyways, I'm repacking my things, and Jenn and I are making plans for my last evening here. Tomorrow the shuttle will arrive to pick me up at 6:45am. should be just lovely.

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