Friday, February 17, 2012


Well this week has been relatively uneventful compared to my action packed weekend. Tuesday was a painfully boring set of speakers for the UC international student orientation, though free lunch was provided. Wednesday, I enrolled in classes which I had to do in person at the library. It took almost 2 hours for me, and that was fast compared to some of the other IES students. I was incredibly thankful for fruit ninja while standing in the endless, slow moving lines. I set new records for both the classic and arcade versions. what an accomplishment! now that i'm set with a canterbury card, I can check out books from the library…. but something like 11 of the 15 floors are inaccessible currently due to earthquake construction… I can only imagine that the books i'll need will be on those floors. Speaking of books i'll need! I'm quite excited for my Childhood in Children's Literature class. The required texts include The Borrowers, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, The Secret Garden, Treasure Island and a few others. To receive credit for reading children's books… i'm doing something right! My "timetable" (schedule) is great! Just one class on Monday, 2 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and one Friday. BEST SEMESTER EVER! One of the classes i'm taking is called Rebuilding Christchurch. Its a service learning course where I learn about the effects of the earthquakes, all the information about rebuilding efforts, and then I actually participate in a service project for my grade. It will be a great way to get involved in my new hometown. This Wednesday is the 1 year anniversary for the major earthquake that caused significant damages to the city. There are several memorial services happening throughout the city. I look forward to participating. 

After enrollment, I moved into my new homestay. I'm living with Lauren's mother, Tess. It was really nice to get moved out of my suitcase! Yesterday, I noticed her copy of Edmonds Cookery Book, a staple to each NZ household. It was really fun flipping through the different recipes. Her copy is a very old edition. The measurements are still in pounds and ounces. I plan to pick up the latest edition and try a few of the recipes. Tess says she makes a mean Pavlova and that she'd teach me!!! I can't wait!!! 

Today, I went up to campus for another welcome event. I heard there was free food, so several of the IES students were there. While wandering around, my friend Lisa and I got suckered into participating in a wheel chair race. I thought it would be just a quick short run down the side walk… boy was I wrong. About when I was nearly tipping over backwards wheeling up this incline to get to the library, I realized I had bit off quite a bit more than anticipated. Half way through, I had to make 3 shots into the net ball goal (it's like basketball without a backboard). Then down a hill, which was exciting and 7.5 minutes later I returned to start. Funniest thing…. they haven't contacted me to award me the prize for fastest race time. Maybe Monday. 
After the welcome event, 5 of the IES students rode a bus to central station and then up the hill to Victoria Park. Eunice claimed we could get Hokey Pokey ice cream at the sign of the kiwi, about a 40 minute hike from the start of the park. We hiked up, and when we got there… the ice cream place was closed due to earthquake damage!!!! SUCH a let down. Even though I didn't have a hokey pokey ice cream in hand, the views were amazing!! I saw WATER!! I AM on an island!  

Tomorrow we're headed down to the Lyttleton Farmers Market and then to the beach!!! can't wait! 

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