Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I rode over on Emirates. I will take just a minute to point out some of the cool things about the airline.
1) flight attendants look exactly the same… they even carry the same purse and it seems like the same lipstick. One thing that puzzled me is they all cary these bags that are TINY. Compared to what the fly attendants in the states carry around, its like a handbag. I think theres more to the story. Maybe they only walk through the airport with those, but have bigger ones already not he plane. Seriously, its that ridiculous. 

2) First class offers fully horizontal massage chairs. While this didn't pertain to me… It was cool

3) They serve a full meal on a 2.5 hour flight to the folks in the back!! ME! Though I must say, it wasn't that tasty. 

4) The coolest thing in my opinion was that they have cameras mounted in 2 places on the airplane, and you can see what they see from the convenience of your personal viewing screen. 

ok thats it. Overall, it wasn't quite all it's cracked up to be (in economy at least). 

Landing in Christchurch was so exciting to me. After being in Sydney (big city), I was SO glad to see big fields…….and MOUNTAINS!!!!! :) I haven't seen that much, but it is BEAUTIFUL! No K9 search for my salsa this time in customs… DULL.  Ben, a guy from the program that sets up my homestay picked me up from the airport. He drove my to my hostel which I'll just be in tonight. On the way he told me a little more about my family. The Ashdownes emailed me and told me that Emily, my soon to be kiwi mom is expecting. Unfortunately, Ben informed me there are some complications with the pregnancy, and Blair and Emily are away in Aukland for the weekend addressing them. That's why I couldn't move in a day early. In fact, I'll be staying with another girls host family for the weekend until they return. I'm bummed I don't get to meet them tomorrow, and concerned about Emily and the baby. I hope everything gets sorted out in Aukland. I can't wait to meet them!  When I arrived at my hostel, I found my room and then ventured off to the super market. It took me an hour to walk there and back, but it was quite enjoyable. I really like Christchurch. Even though the center is still blocked off, and the east side still shows scars from the earthquakes, it's a beautiful city. Very laid back compared to where I came from. I am glad to be somewhere that feels more like home. When I returned, the hostel provided a BBQ dinner. I was very thankful to not have to go find food. I picked up some fruit and a little bread thing (not sure what it is actually, but it looks great) for breakfast tomorrow before Ben picks me up. I'm looking forward to orientation to begin tomorrow! 

PS: when I FINALLY get to reliable internet, I will add pictures. I'm only allotted a few mega bites at this hostel, so no pictures today. 

PPS: Once again, people think I'm Canadian or English..... They say I have no accent!! I seriously need to start playing up the Texas a little more!! haha

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