Thursday, February 9, 2012


To start. Last night I experienced my first earthquake. I guess it was a 4.1, but I didn't even realize that was why my bed as shaking (dumb). It lasted about 20 seconds or so. Honestly, uneventful!  This morning, the homestay coordinator picked me up and we went to the airport to get one of the girls in my program Sera. I'm staying with her and her host family this weekend. I got my New Zealand phone working thanks to Julia Smith!!! I'm quite grateful!  Then, we came to her hosts house. I'm SO thankful they're willing to take me in this weekend. They are really great! Theres a 5 month old baby boy in the house who is a complete doll! All smiles! We ate traditional kiwi lunch prepared by my temporary host mom which consisted of bacon and egg "pie". It was delicious! The rest of the day was orientation. It was orientationy complete with a scavenger hunt and some singing. ohhhh ice breakers. Everyone seems great! One thing I learned was the slogan they use to promote protecting yourself from the sun. SLIP on a shirt, SLAP on a hat, and SLOP on some sunscreen. now ya know. Tomorrow should be fun, They tell me i'll get to see a real live kiwi bird!!! i'll take pictures for sure! 

by the way. One of the main reasons i'm blogging is for my own brain. I know i will forget most of this if i don't write it down. so when the details get annoying, just skim faster. I feel funny blogging. Like i'm asking people to read something I wrote. This seems absurd because we all know that's not my forte. Anyways.. hope its somewhat entertaining! haha 

PS I added pictures to Facebook! check them out  if you like :) 

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  1. We all are enjoying reading about your great adventures. Please keep it up!